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Year of Skills – 2017

2017 is the Year of Skills in Estonia. During the Year of Skills we value skills, workmanship, vocational education and life long learning in Estonian society. We honour skills that help to adjust in the ever-changing world and be successful at your work.

Good vocational skills are necessary for successful work life. Majority of these skills can be acquired from vocational learning. Specialised education provides a good starting point for a successful career for the rest of your life.

Future jobs are getting more and more complex which is why a specialised vocational or higher education is essential to be successful on the job market. Estonian society and workforce market need educated employees who have a wide specialised basic education followed by the so-called smart specialisation.

In-depth knowledge of a profession or field is the basis of a working career. In future, combining the skills and knowledge of different fields will become more and more significant, because that enables to adjust to the quickly changing work contents and environment.


Vocational education is specialised education. Passing vocational education provides the skills and knowledge needed for working in the selected field.

The keyword of modern vocational education is co work with entrepreneurs. To ensure that the graduating students meet the employers’ expectations, all students must get a practical working experience during the course of studying. The technical facilities of the vocational education institutions allow to offer contemporary learning experience and the curricula consider the job market requirements.

Vocational education plays a vital role in life long learning. People who have acquired vocational education continue studying; it is also possible to return to vocational school after obtaining higher education. Everyone is welcome – young people learning their first trade and adults developing themselves or learning a new profession.

Vocational education also offers learning options for students with special needs. Students can study on different levels and the buildings are accessible to people with physical disabilities.

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