Academic recognition

Academic recognition is the recognition of a foreign qualification for the purpose of further studies.

In academic recognition the evaluators mainly seek to assess whether the applicant is capable of continuing studies at the chosen level.

The need for the academic recognition may rise when a person holds a diploma of the home country and seeks admission to a further stage of studies in a foreign country or seeks admission to further studies in the home country after completion of the previous stage or period of studies abroad.

On principle, academic recognition is sought only for admission to further studies. Some applicants, however, choose to receive a statement of academic recognition before seeking employment in the professions where recognition of a foreign degree/diploma, is not officially required (i.e. in non-regulated professions). This kind of recognition (academic recognition for professional purposes) helps employers to understand what home country’s qualification can be compared to the foreign one.

General procedures and criteria for the evaluation of foreign higher education qualifications and qualifications giving access to higher education (document in the pdf-format)

Legal framework for academic recognition

National Action Plan For Recognition (document in the pdf-format)