The main functions of the Estonian ENIC/NARIC are:

  • evaluating foreign qualifications (diplomas, certificates, academic reports, etc.)
  • determining the correspondence of education qualifications (academic degrees, titles, diplomas) certified by documentation to the Estonian education system and making recognition proposals
  • providing information about foreign higher education systems
  • providing foreign countries with information about the Estonian higher education system

The Estonian ENIC/NARIC evaluates foreign qualifications and determines the Estonian correspondence to the attested qualifications for:

  • commencing or continuing studies in Estonian higher education institutions
  • employment in non-regulated professions

An applicant for the evaluation of foreign qualifications may be the holder of the qualification as well as an employer, higher education institution or another institution  where the education document has been presented.

An evaluation determines the correspondence of foreign qualifications to qualifications within the Estonian education system and a proposal is made for the recognition of these qualifications to a higher education establishment or employer.

The Estonian ENIC/NARIC provides information about:

  • foreign education systems and qualifications
  • the recognition and comparison of academic degrees, diplomas and other qualifications
  • recognition of professional recognition, regulated professions and competent authorities in Estonia

The Centre provides foreign countries with information about the Estonian education system and qualifications in order to simplify the evaluation and recognition of Estonian qualifications abroad.

General procedures and criteria for the evaluation of foreign higher education qualifications and qualifications giving access to higher education (document in the pdf-format)

National Action Plan For Recognition (document in the pdf-format)