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Welcome to the INQAAHE Forum 2014 – Partnerships in Quality Assurance in Higher Education!

Have you ever wondered…

  • How QA processes might benefit from engaging different groups of external stakeholders, such as employers and students?
  • Why it might be important to include a variety of stakeholders with differing perspectives and how it might be done?
  • What internationalization or globalization in quality assurance means?
  • How quality assurance processes might need to change with the increasing use of MOOCs and RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning)?

These are just a few of the questions that will be discussed by speakers, panelists and participant in relation to the 2014 Forum theme “Partnerships in Quality Assurance in Higher Education.” Also, as a special addition to this year’s forum, a special preconference workshop will be offered on Monday, May 26 for those members who can arrive a day early.  This workshop will examine how to implement and meet the INQAAHE Guidelines for Good Practice (GGP) and will be offered free of charge for all registered forum participants.

As always, attendance at the INQAAHE Members Forum will not only provide professional development on relevant topics of interest to QA organizations, but there will be ample time to network with old and new colleagues, including a social program to be held in an inspiring environment with music and dance.

The registration is open – be the first one!


Carol L. Bobby

INQAAHE President



INQAAHE 2014 Forum Committee members:

Michal Neumann, The Israeli Council for Higher Education (CHE) – Chair

Maria – Jose Lemaitre, Centro Interuniversitario de Desarrollo (CINDA)

Yvonnette Marshall, The University Council of Jamaica (UCJ)

Supporting members:

Mark Frederiks, Nederlands-Vlaamse Accreditatieorganisatie (NVAO)

Maiki Udam, Estonian Higher Education Quality Agency (EKKA)

Local organising committee members:
Maiki Udam, Development Manager of EKKA – Chair of the Committee
Liia Lauri, Information Manager of EKKA – Communication
Tiia Bach, Assistant Adviser of EKKA – Technical Assistance, Logistics
Merike Arpo, Accountant of EKKA – Finacial Assistance