Structural Funds in the area of R&D

Archimedes Foundation Structural Funds Agency is accredited as an implementing agency for the programming period of 2007-2013 by the Government of the Republic. The main tasks of the Structural Support Unit are to assess project applications in the area of R&D, to consult applicants, to make outpayments and check the eligibility of costs.

Through programming period 2007-2013 Archimedes Foundation acts as an implementing agency for:

Operational Programme for the Development of the Economic Environment. Priority axe for Improving the competitiveness of Estonian R&D through the research programmes and modernisation of higher education and R&D institutions.

Operational Programme for Human Resource Development Priority axe for Developing the Human Resource for R&D.

The total volume of support for the R&D activities trough above mentioned Operational Programmes priority axes is nearly EUR 413 million.

The total volume of support of the new period 2014-2020 is EUR 339 million.