Mobilitas Pluss

Mobilitas Pluss mobility funding aims to:

– improve the international visibility of Estonian research, business and higher education and Estonia’s attractiveness as a destination country for study and research;
– strengthen the international competitiveness of Estonian researchers and research performing organisations, including companies;
– support opportunities for Estonian R&D institutions and companies to collaborate with transnational research organisations and networks, including through synergy with Horizon 2020 actions;
– expand international collaboration and professional development opportunities for the state, R&D institutions, higher education institutions, companies, students and academic staff by improving intersectoral and international mobility and cooperation (opportunities).

Mobilitas Pluss mobility funding programme activities are implemented by Archimedes Foundation and carried out by Estonian Research Council (ETAg) in accordance with Decree No. 1.1-2/15/481.

Mobility support schemes in Mobilitas Pluss programme:
Mobilitas Pluss post-doctoral grant– support for researchers coming to Estonia to carry out their research projects. The support is aimed at researchers who have defended theid doctoral degrees abroad;
Returning researcher grant– support for researchers who have carried out their post-doctoral research (or research at least at the same level) abroad and return to continue their research in Estonia;
Top researcher grant– support for top researchers who come from abroad to work in an Estonian R&D institution and to establish their own research group;
Support for study visits and training abroad– support for researchers working at Estonian R&D institutions to participate in trainings and study-visits.

Mobilitas Pluss mobility funding programme is funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

For further information please visit: Mobilitas Pluss mobility funding.