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Archimedes Foundation announcement regarding mobility and international co-operation projects in the Covid-19 pandemic

Due to the national emergency and the global Covid-19 pandemic, Archimedes Foundation declares the following guidelines applicable to Foundation-supported projects:

  • please cancel all outbound travel and mobility from Estonia until the end of the emergency;
  • please cancel all foreign visitors and incoming mobility until the end of the emergency;
  • anyone who already has travelled abroad and wants to come back can do so and their costs are subject to a force majeure clause in the respective grant agreement. Those who are not currently in a country that has declared emergency may also return.

Our decision is based on the following:

  • WHO declared a global pandemic;
  • the state of emergency declared in Estonia;
  • a rapidly changing situation and declared emergencies in other countries.

Please postpone all outbound travel and planned international events that are scheduled before May 1, 2020. This is valid either until May 1 or until the next announcement by Archimedes Foundation.

Acceptance of costs under the force majeure clause are possible within the limits of the initial grant, no additional financing will be granted.

Under the grant agreement, we accept costs under the following conditions:

  • the insurance contract does not cover the expenses incurred, based on the decision of the insurer or other written document (eg insurance policy or general conditions of insurance);
  • the beneficiary has exhausted all possibilities of recovering the expenditure made.
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