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Erasmus story – Grete Paia and her mobility experience

Sihtasutus Archimedes

Grete is an Estonian successful singer and songwriter. She is a student in Estonian Business School and she was an Erasmus student in Italy in the academic year 2015/2016. Grete said: ‘I wasn’t scared anymore and I think this newfound confidence was a direct result of my Erasmus+ experience.’

She is best known for performing in the country’s national Eurovision competition Eesti Laul in both 2013 and 2016. Grete spent a semester at Milan’s Bocconi University, where she studied marketing and finance. Her Erasmus+ experience enhanced her personal development; she became stronger, more independent and confident. She also became calmer, which has been key to conquering her stage fright. Grete says that she gained a ‘completely new mindset’ which helped her to develop her creativity, as she wrote many songs during her stay in Italy.


According to Grete the Erasmus+ generation is more open-minded than previous generations. Being born in a time of free movement, she doesn’t understand the idea of boundaries stopping her from going anywhere. ‘If I have a performance in another country, I never think of being stopped from going there. You should be able to go wherever you want.’ This natural freedom Grete feels will likely mean doing a second Erasmus+ stint in the future – perhaps a communication course in the University of Amsterdam.

Erasmus+ is enriching lives and opening minds!

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