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International students in Estonia in 2018/2019


2018 saw a noticeable rise in the number of international students who started their studies in Estonia – the increase for international admission was nearly 25%. The biggest number of students can still be found in master’s programmes, however there has been a rise on all levels of study. For the first time, the number of international PhD students in Estonia has risen above 500.  Unlike previous years, the most popular programmes among international students are still business and  law, and humanities and arts; however, third place has now officially been claimed by the ICT field (replacing the previous third place owner – the field of engineering, construction and production engineering). 

Take a look at some of the statistics on international students in Estonia in 2018:

  • number of international students per study level
  • TOP 10 countries
  • number of curricula taught in English
  • most popular study fields

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