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Science is Wonderful!

As teachers and students are slowly going back to school, DG EAC is very proud to present Science is Wonderful!free online science exhibition that introduces schools and the general public to the world of research and the most amazing science.

From 22nd to 24th September 2020, 40 teams of researchers funded by the European Union will present their projects to the public via an online platform where participants will be able to meet and talk to researchers, ask questions, perform their own scientific experiments, play games and attend an array of online, educational activities in different languages.

As in previous physical editions of the event, a special focus is given to schools, pupils, and their teachers from primary and secondary schools.

Below you will find relevant links for teachers to help them register to the event and prepare it:


Please do not hesitate to contact EAC-MSCA-COMMUNICATION@ec.europa.eu for further information. Teachers and schools should address their questions directly to schoolsSIW2020@vo-europe.eu or by phone at +32 2 210 42 07.

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