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Youth Agency

Youth Agency is the Estonian Centre for Quality and International Cooperation in the youth field. Youth Agency is a department of Archimedes Foundation since its establishment in 1997.

Youth Agency is responsible for capacity building in the youth field with a special focus on international cooperation. Our activities can be divided into three main areas: supporting the development of young people, enhancing the quality of youth work and shaping youth policy. 

Since the beginning, Youth Agency has been the implementing body (Estonian National Agency) for European Union youth programmes in Estonia. As of 2014, when the new EU programme Erasmus+ for Education, Youth and Sport was launched, we are responsible for the implementation of Erasmus+ Youth Chapter objectives.

In addition, Youth Agency combines various national and international strategies and measures to create a strong and systemic impact in the youth field.

Youth Agency’s activities are divided into three units:

  • Youth Projects Unit
  • Youth Work Development Unit
  • Youth Policy Unit


For more information about the youth projects, please visit the website of the Youth Agency.