Regulated education

Regulated education is the norm in Estonia – especially in the health professions where we only regulate the sectoral health professions and pharmaceutical assistant. The other major health professions such as

  • physiotherapists,
  • optometrists,
  • speech therapists,
  • radiology technicians

are trained at higher education level, and the curricula are in accordance with the applicable professional standard as developed by the Estonian Qualifications Authority. The law states that if a professional standard for a particular profession has been approved by the Qualifications Authority then any course for that particular profession, as taught by a higher education or vocational institution, must follow the applicable professional standard. For further details please contact:

  • Ministry of Education and Research: Tiia Raudma (Higher Education Department),, tel +372 564 99163
  • Estonian ENIC/NARIC: Margit Brückel,, tel +372 697 9216