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Noorte ajakirjanike teadusprogrammiga on võimalik liituda kuni 15. juulini

Kõigil 20-30-aastastel ajakirjanikel on võimalik liituda MY SCIENCE programmiga, mis suurendab ajakirjanike teadlikkust ja teadmisi teadusteemadest.

Programm on üles ehitatud alates detsembrist 2009 toimuvate kuuepäevaste erinevatest teadusvaldkondadest informeerivate töötubadena, mis toimuvad erinevates Euroopa riikides. Jagatakse infot Euroopa Liidu teadusprojektide kohta ja arutatakse, kuidas teadust avalikkusele kommunikeerida.

Info programmi kohta on kättesaadav programmi kodulehel



Step into Science Journalism with the MY SCIENCE Programme for Young Journalists! Its aim is to bridge the scientific and journalistic communities and to enhance public understanding of science in everyday life.
• Take part in a six-day workshop at institutes of different fields of science in Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary and Italy.
• Gain and expand knowledge in the research field that is the most interesting for you, get first hand information on leading scientific EU-funded projects.
• Develop editorial knowledge in research related areas and learn how to communicate the outcomes and relevance of the scientific projects to the public.
• Get to know the professionals, and exchange best practices with them.
• Establish professional networks with new colleagues around Europe.

The workshops are offered in six different fields of science in the following laboratories:
• Information and Communication Technologies at the University of Vienna, Institute for Scientific Computing (Vienna, Austria)
• Stem Cell and Nuclear Transfer Cloning Technologies at BioTalentum (Gödöllő, Hungary)
• Renewable Energy at the European Academy EURAC, Institute for Renewable Energy (Bolzano/Bozen, Italy)
• Environment at the European Academy EURAC, Institute for Applied Remote Sensing (Bolzano/Bozen, Italy)
• Humanities at the European Academy EURAC, Institute for Minority Rights (Bolzano/Bozen, Italy)
• Modern Chemistry at the Institute of Chemical Technology (Prague, Czech Republic)

The campaign has just begun! Application deadline is 15th July 2009, workshops starts from December 2009.

The MY SCIENCE Programme for Young Journalists is open to all university students and graduates from 20 to 30 years age from EU member States and Associate Countries.

For more information look on or write to us under

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